Simple Waveforms

Now we’ll try another discernment exercise, this one aimed at helping you tell the difference between some common waveforms. Load up the waveform-quiz sketch from the WEFT Library’s Examples folder, and give it a try.

This sketch gives you a little more control, allowing you to turn the knob to change the frequency of the waveform you’re trying to guess. As before, pressing the encoder button will reveal what you were feeling and choose another random waveform.

There are, as you will find, substantial perceptual differences between the various waveforms. Disney Research did some fun work trying to establish a taxonomy of waveforms, frequencies, amplitudes, and descriptions: paper-perceptual-responses-graph

Have fun with this one too! Remember that you can set the analogGain value anywhere between 0x04 and 0x07 if the actuation is too strong (feeling “sharp” or “sparkly” at times) or too weak. Look into the Teensy Audio Library and add some other default waveforms, or try to make a Mystery Mode that cycles between two different waveforms in one go.

When you’re done playing around with the single-variable quizzes, try the combo: load up frequency-waveform-quiz from the Examples folder and try it out.