Welcome to WEFT Workshop 2017!

Here’s the starting point for all of you who are here for the 2017 Hackaday Superconference workshop, “Designing Textures.” This page will remain up after the workshop to function as an initial “getting started” page for any others who might come across this version of the WEFT Engine board.


  • Little spiel on how electrovibration phenomenon works
  • Get familiar with the kit-of-parts, especially the WEFT UI Board
  • Power up board and do some testing
  • Dig into some of the example tests
  • Make our own texture alternator
  • Decide from here what to work on for rest of workshop

Safety Acknowledgment

High voltages are involved in this project. The board is current-limited, but even so, the voltages involved in the electrovibration circuitry can deliver an unpleasant shock. Please be careful around this board. Continuing to participate in this workshop means you understand the risks outlined here.

How to Debug

The little piezo disk you’ve been given is a godsend for debugging when you don’t have an oscilloscope around. Just exchange the electrode for the piezo disk and give the disk a listen, or a gentle feel with your finger. Be careful how you grasp the piezo, though, as it’s possible to feel a little high voltage if you short the leads with your fingers by accident!

Most often in debugging, I find that an electrovibration signal isn’t working simply because it’s out of the general ranges in which those signals can be felt—so if you keep trying to make a very low-frequency triangle wave happen and you can’t feel anything, do a sanity check and make sure you’re sending a signal by exchanging the lo-freq triangle wave for something that you know you’ll feel, like a 100Hz square wave. But don’t suffer at debugging for too long, that’s the wonderful thing about being in a room full of other like-minded folks…

Ask Us For Help!

  • I’m Noah, also AKA on the internet sometimes. Github.
  • I’m so grateful and happy that Sophi is here as well, volunteering her time. She’s here and here

After this Workshop

I’m building a wearable device around this technology, so I’ll be continuing to update and maintain the weftlib library. I’m expecting you’ll go on to make your own cool projects and products with electrovibration technology—when you do, please be sure to share with everyone!