WEFT Library - dynamic texture control

Use electrovibration to augment surfaces with dynamic textures and patterns.

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What's the WEFT Board?

The WEFT UI Board is for experimenting with electrovibration. Use the UI Board to design and test different texture patterns, then embed them into your work. A simple I2C command set and an intuitive composition UI are provided to make your prototyping more effective.

Weird, New Feeling!

Electrovibration isn't a common actuation technology yet, so the sensation it imparts might be totally new to you. People who have felt it liken it to sandpaper, comb bristles, waxy, and sticky. Use the WEFT UI Board to feel the full expressive range of textures you can synthesize, and use the simple I2C library to develop your own custom patterns.

Inexpensive and Versatile

The WEFT hardware is deisgned to be embeddable in your projects—that is, that it should be cheap enough to prototype with and then simply leave in place when your project or product are ready to go.

Git based source control

The project's firmware, libraries, schematics, and more are on Github. See for yourself!